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Psychodrome 2: The Shapechanger Scenario

10.14 Psychodome 2: The Shapechanger Scenario - Epilogue

When the person who's in front of you in the line waiting to get aboard the ship suddenly turns into a swarm of bugs and gets incinerated by a plasma blast on wide dispersal that passes by so close you get a tan, it's a little hard to acccept being told, "It's nothing, don't worry, just keep the line moving."

10.8 Psychodrome 2: The Shapechanger Scenario - Episode 7

"She reappeared by the time Higgins had the fire going, threw down the freshly killed carcass of a creature that looked like a cross between a small antelope and a hairy mountain goat, and imperiously departed once again somewhere off into the darkness, where she wouldn't have to witness the distasteful spectacle of males eating, and ruining perfectly good flesh by roasting it. I was beginning to feel seriously inadequate."

10.6 Psychodome 2: The Shapechanger Scenario - Chapter 5

"There could be thousands of miles of virgin, unpopulated country available all around us, and yet most of us always gravitated to the skyscrapers and the slums, the concrete and the steel, the pulsating, sweating, heaving multitudes choking in their own effluvium, pressing in on one another, living like insects in a hive, all for the illusion of security and fellowship. The city made its own rules and forgot about the rules of nature. It became a ravening beast, its pulse abnormally fast, its reactions unnatural, its sexuality perverse, its mind twisted. When there are too many ants in a colony, they all go mad. The loneliest, saddest people I've met have always lived in cities."

10.2 Psychodome 2: The Shapechanger Scenario - Chapter 1

"It's only natural to want people to like you, to accept you for who and what you are, but you want it on your terms. You want to be able to decide how much of yourself you're going to reveal at any given time and you want to control how close you're going to let other people get. Psychos didn't really get to do that."