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120 - Time Gladiator

21st century gladiators fight a duel to the death to stop war... and save the world from final destruction!

Author: Mack Reynolds


118 - Spacial Delivery

The right man in the right place *can* do the impossible!

Author: Gordon R. Dickson


115 - Time Riders

Mess around with time, and the world you know... could become a world you don't

Author: Alex Scarrow


108 - The Stalker

Somewhere in the shadows a killer waits...

Author: Nicole Davidson

Tags: The Year of Pain

104 - Stress Pattern

Stranger in the strangest land

Author: Neal Barret, Jr.

Tags: The Year of Pain

102 - PSI/Net



With former Air Force Major Trent Calloway's marriage ruined in the aftermath of his psychic spying, he wants to forget about his past, especially the tragedy that changed his life when he was involved in a government remote-viewing project.

Author: Billy Dee Williams & Rob MacGregor

Tags: The Year of Pain

101 - A Beeline to Murder

Ex-cop Abigail Mackenzie has started a second career-as a farmer. Raising chickens, keeping bees, and growing hierloom vegetables on her farmette in the Bay Area, Abby has a peaceful life. Yet trouble just seems to make a beeline for her...

Author: Meera Lester

Tags: The Year of Pain


The powerful and prophetic novel of tomorrow's warrior of the highway

Author: John Jakes

Tags: The Year of Pain