Gellaho's Audiobook Extravaganza



9.14 Psychodrome - Epilogue

"Somewhere between the two there was a balance point on which I was precariously perched, compelled to spend my life forever taking chances, living on the ragged edge of dreams."

9.13 Psychodrome - Chapter 12

"We were both street people, and we would remain street people and we would remain street people, no matter where we went or what our fortunes were. Ours was not a great romance."

9.11 Psychodrome - Chapter 10

"There is something called a night terror, a nightmare so intense, so realistic, that when you awaken from it, the dream imagery breiefly remains engraved upon your consciousness, etched so sharply that the border line between the states of wakefulness and dreaming is momentarily erased."

9.8 Psychodrome - Chapter 7

"If I were you, I wouldn't waste my time in targeting his groin. There is nothing there except som rather sophisticated artificial plumbing." Featuring "Crowd Cheer.mp3" by mrrap4food (, "CROWD YAY.wav" by mlteenie (, "Cheer crowd" by Johanneskristjansson (, "Cut Through Armor / Slice / Clang" by SypherZent (, "Soccer game in Brazil, goals and crowd shouting" by felix.blume (, "Sword Drop Heavy" by EminYILDIRIM (, "Hitting in a Face" by florianreichelt (, "SciFi Gun - Plasma Slinger" by dpren (, "Crowd at Cafeteria" by sonically_sound (

9.5 Psychodrome - Chapter 4

"It's hard to deal with the fact that you've got some powerful feelings about someone when you know those feelings have been broadcast to several billion people."